The company’s name – INBRA – is a combination of two abbreviations: IN stands for INdia and BRA for BRAzil. Our business started o­n 2 May 1986, when the articles of incorporation were signed. The company’s founders were Peter Sickmann (was the company’s president till the end of 2004),  dr Ernst Wüthrich and Helmut Paul. Since 2003 the company has represented 100% Swiss capital and has its registered office in Rheineck (Switzerland). INBRA has two operations branch offices: o­ne, which is also the company’s headquarters, located in Rheineck,Switzerland, and the second office located in Radom (Poland), which covers the co-operation with the whole Central and Eastern Europe.

        INBRA AG is a trade company dealing exclusively with the import of natural stones from India, Brazil and RPA. In the countries where purchases are made, INBRA employs its own experts who are responsible for searching out for the most beautiful and interesting stones. Then, during the selection process, they choose the best o­nes with the highest quality. The company’s mission is to provide the customers with the best quality stone blocks.


        INBRA AG was established in the period of a dynamic development of the whole natural stone trade in the Western Europe in the 70s and 80s. That period brought a number of unprecedented challenges and opportunities which INBRA founders decided to face. The stone business turned towards the sources of natural stones from the exotic countries to respond to the needs of the market, expecting granites and marbles of an unusual colour, structure and features. With this new trend a competition was formed against the traditional stone suppliers, which have dominated o­n the market for many years, that is Scandinavia and South Africa.

        INBRA strength is a comprehensive professionalism in the granite block trade. It has its source both in the competent and experienced management and the highly-skilled employees and the right selection of contractors and vendors providing shipping, storage, transportation, legal and financial services.

        The dynamic development of INBRA AG in the 90s led to the company’s expansion to the Central and Eastern European countries. In the autumn 1995 Tomasz Staniszewski joined the company to represent its sales activities and contribute to its further development in this part of Europe. In 2004 Marek Jurczyk, a professional with a very good experience in the natural stone industry, was employed to support INBRA’s sale force. In 2007, due to further expansion, Kamila Kaleta has joined INBRA team in Poland.